Enjoy Outdoor Family Camping and Hiking in Texas State Parks

The State of Texas is a big place with many options for camping, hiking, and outdoor adventure. Take the time to make the kids outdoors creating many wonderful memories of a lifetime, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides many opportunities through the campsite State Park camping place really child friendly.

We can experience several camping trips in the Garden State when our children were young, and we did have some great adventures. We visit several parks in some of the best Lake and also a few in the mountains of West Texas. We see everything from hot hiking excursions and giant walking stick to bland until an unexpected snow storm. We generally group together, so there is always a good meal around a campfire, injuries or accidents occasionally, stories high, and a lasting friendship. Some of our favorite parks are mountains of Davis, Inks Lake, and Garner State Parks.

Davis Mountains State Park is located at the foot of the Davis (Yes, there are mountains in Texas) and offers many campsites for tent camping or RV. Fort Davis attracted many types of travelers, including motorcycle enthusiasts, hunters, history buffs, and outdoor sports. Old Fort is a national historic site that captures the history of the war of India during the late 1800 's. You can also venture a few miles on the road and participate in a star in the McDonald Observatory. While you are waiting for the night sky, there are plenty of hiking trails to experience with some beautiful views. There are so many outdoor adventure for children, you have to go back several times to experience it all.

Inks Lake State Park is located in Central Texas among the chain of Lakes along the Colorado River. This Lake offers some clear blue water, rock outcrops, and a shady oak tree forests for camping. There are several hiking trails and backpacking, and it provides a wonderful place to canoe, boat, water skiing, kayaking, and swimming. You can find some of the best sunsets and many fond memories can be made here. This is another family camping location will require more than one visit.

Garner State Park is located in South-Central Texas along the Frio River. Driving to Garner from the North, you would have thought would go to the desert camp, but it's not far to the South of Interstate 10 and you find yourself in a magical Wonderland with some of the best views in the State. The Park provides many campsites and cabins for rent. Children will enjoy the Frio to swimming, rope swing, or just by floating lazily in the tube. There are also several places to brave in your group to do a cliff diving. For child-friendly camping adventures and extended family, Garner State Park will not disappoint.

These are just some of the highlights of the many state parks in Texas. Campsite well-maintained state parks, family friendly, and will give you some great adventures that your children will remember for a lifetime.


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